Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update for 3/27/10

I'm working on getting soaps made to put on ebay. We're thinking of doing a bargain sale on there. Like buy two big bars get one free sort of thing. Last night I decided to work on a soap for Working people in Mechanic's and Machinery it didn't work as well as I'd of hoped so back to the drawing board. I like experimenting it's fun sometimes. I want to Congratulate our Friends John and Aimee on the Birth of their first Son Carl was born yesterday around 530. CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO. He is a handsome little boy. God Bless you and your new little family. I would also like to take this time to thank my Brother in Christ Jesse M. for helping get my soap name out there. God Bless you Little brother. Since your a fan now I hope you will check out my Ebay store. I am also in blogspot, and myspace. I hope to be filling your soap orders soon. God Bless and have a great one.

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