Sunday, March 21, 2010

Specialty Soaps

Hi, Thanks you for checking out my blog. I Make Organic Homemade Soaps for you. Welcome to Specialty Soaps. Where you can choose your own Base, Scent and Size you would like. Don't forget our secret ingredient that comes in every bar!! That ingredient makes our soaps unique. Have you wondered what soap would be like with real fruit or fruit juice in it? Would you like baby powder, coffee, cinnamon, even real Lime in your soap? I am willing to put whatever you would like in your soap base. I even make a Citronella Eucalyptus Soap that helps keep Fleas and Ticks away from you and your pets whether it is you’re camping, hiking in the woods or just doing yard work. When you place your order please be patient. As it might take up to a week or more for the order to get out after payment depending on how many orders I have in and time of year. I will email you as soon as it’s made and when I ship it out. These soaps are CUSTOM made. They don't sit around and lose scent like other sellers. FRESH SOAPS!!!!!!! Our secret ingredient is 100% Organic and Natural so please let us know if you could be allergic to anything that's in the soaps. If your allergic to Nuts you will not want to use the Shea Silk base. When you get your soap use in a small area first to make sure you don't have any allergic reactions. I am not responsible for any reactions that may come from using these soaps. God Bless You and Thank you for shopping with Specialty Soaps.

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