Monday, June 14, 2010

First Festival today

We did our first "public" appearance I guess you can say that wasn't a yard sale today. It cost 35$ to have a booth there. They stuck us like behind everyone, but after I got home and counted and that I guess we did ok. The booth was $35 and we made 28.60 so we only lost like 6.40. I think that's pretty well for a first time. We almost broke even. Right?! I need to work on updating this more. It took me like 10 Min's just to get into this blog. Lol, i can't ever seem to remember my stuff for the different places I'm a part of online. The next place we're thinking of getting into is Roseville Tuesday nights. We're not doing it this week but hopefully next Tues til the last one on July 27th. We'll see what happens. I'll try and remember to keep you all informed. Thank you for the support. Here's my "Dads Coffee Soap" I came up with the other night in memory of my dad. I a pic of this in Facebook as well. God Bless.

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